Our latest short film is "Grand Cru," a crime comedy starring Branda Lock, Doug Mattingly and DW Mattingly. The story follows a young woman who wants a little more out of life, and isn't above pushing her boyfriend, Carver, to forge expensive bottles of wine to get it. When her ex-con father sticks his nose into their relationship, things get a lot more complicated... and a lot more violent.




Doug Mattingly

Doug Mattingly is an actor, a musician, and a film maker.

As an actor, Doug has performed in feature films and shorts, theatre pieces, both contemporary and classical, television, video, commercials, and promos.

As a musician, he’s written hundreds of songs including three singer/songwriter rock albums under his name, composed scores and songs for film, written pieces for jazz and classical ensembles, and performed as a guitarist on countless live gigs and studio sessions.

Doug also teaches songwriting, guitar, and sightsinging at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) in Los Angeles.

Doug received his Masters and Bachelor degrees in music (guitar performance) from The University of Southern California. He studied acting at USC and at The Shakespeare Theatre in Washington, DC.

Ian Mattingly

Ian is a fine artist, having studied painting and drawing, who not only creates films as part of The Mattingly Boys, but also does music video work and is always developing new projects.

Born and raised in Baltimore, MD, Ian Mattingly has been a fan of comic books, graffiti, kung fu movies, and ice cream for as long as he can remember.

With a life long love for drawing he attended highschool at Carver Center for Arts & Technology where he studied photography as well as film and video production. After high school he moved out west to Los Angeles to study film and hope to make a go at it in the movie business.

Going back and forth from Los Angeles to Baltimore, Ian spent much of his 20's pursuing music as a Hip Hop artist. As technology made it more and more economical to create great looking, filmic video, Ian started to create his own music videos and in the process fell back in love with filmmaking.




Directed by Ian Mattingly
Written by DW Mattingly
Edited by Doug Mattingly
Starring Branda Lock, Doug Mattingly and DW Mattingly
Runtime: 11:18
Color: Color
Ratio: 2:1
Format: HD video

"Grand Cru" is a short we independently produced that was written by our father, DW Mattingly, and directed by Ian Mattingly. Again Doug Mattingly was not only a main actor, but was the film's editor as well as well as handling everything audio related from sound effects, dialogue editing to final mixing.

Currently the film is being submitted to film festivals.

"Hit the Hitman"

Written and directed by Ian Mattingly
Starring Doug Mattingly, Pete Punito and Douglas Mattingly Sr.
Runtime: 12:56
Color: Color
Ratio: 2.1:1
Format: HD video

Hit the Hitman" is a short film that we independently produced in 2015. Ian Mattingly wrote and directed the film and Doug Mattingly is the lead actor as well as the film's one man sound department, doing everything from sound effects, dialogue editing to final mixing.

The film played festivals in Los Angeles and online. Our hope is to expand on the main character Buck's world by giving him his own series of misadventures.